You Can Draw Wildlife
"Grizzly Bear"

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Yes, you read it right. You Can Draw Wildlife!

You may not believe it yet but I assure you that you can go from "total beginner" to "talented artist" in a relatively short time. In this DVD I reveal tips and techniques that will have you drawing animals like a pro in the shortest time possible.

Actual screen grab from DVD:
In your new video you will learn:

  • The materials and tools you'll need
  • Getting started with a blank page in front of you
  • How to get an accurate likeness
  • Keeping everything in proportion
  • Proper shading and highlights
  • Using tone and value to define shapes and features
  • Achieving a photo - realistic fur texture
  • And much more...

A little story about how I got started

Some fortunate people may have been blessed with the gift of being a "natural artist."  This was not the case for me.  I was not turning out photo realistic portraits as a child.  The "gift" I was blessed with was simply a love of drawing (even if I wasn't very good at it.)  This love of drawing made me put in so much time practicing that eventually, through much trial and error, I developed the skills it takes to create a quality piece of art work.

But, when you get your copy of "You Can Draw Wildlife" you won't need to spend years going through the frustrating trial and error learning process that I did.  Your new DVD will show you all of the tips, tricks, and techniques that took me decades to learn and shave years off of the learning curve for you.

YouTube Video
Photo from Milbrae Art & Wine Festival
Early morning photo setting up for a show at a
South Lake Tahoe art gallery.
We all draw and create when we are children but as we get older many of us give it up for one reason or another.  When you get your copy of "You Can Draw Wildlife" you'll regain the love we all had for creating art when we were children.

With the secrets and techniques revealed in your video and a little practice you'll be drawing beautiful pictures sooner than you think. You'll have a lot of pride in the art work you're creating not to mention the admiration of your friends and family, and anyone else who sees your art work.

Your animal drawings will make great gifts too. Imagine the feeling of unveiling a stunning piece of art that you created for a friend or family member.  People are so grateful when you create high quality original art work for them.

"You Can Draw Wildlife" is 2 hours and 7 minutes packed with tips, techniques, and commentary throughout that will have you turning out photo realistic portraits in record time.

*Special Bonus*

As a special bonus with your new DVD I am going to include a giclee print of the drawing I do in the video.  Having a copy of the drawing I work on in the video will make it much easier to follow along.  You'll be able to pause the DVD and study the drawing whenever you need to.

This archival quality print is sold on my website for $15 and is yours at no additional cost with your copy of "You Can Draw Wildlife."

I show you everything in this video.  You'll learn all of the tips, tricks, and techniques, everything you need to know to start turning out professional quality art work for just,

$24.95 +S/H

For just $24.95 you could get yourself a large pizza or you could learn a valuable skill that others will envy and a skill that will stay with you for life.

You'll learn in just a couple of hours the techniques that took me decades to figure out on my own.

Order your copy of "You Can Draw Wildlife" right now and in just a few days you'll be drawing your first portrait and well on your way to becoming a talented artist.

Get your copy today!

Learning to draw photo-realistic animals has never been easier!
Screen grab from You Can Draw Wildlife
Adam Valentine wildlife art, fantasy art, portraits. Copyright 2006 - 2008

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